This past Sunday a group from MPC had a training session with World Relief Services and learned more about the family we will be supporting.  One thing that struck me was the fact that the parents (entered the camp as parents, leaving as grandparents) have been in a refugee camp for the last 23 years.  23 years!  How much have they missed.  They had two daughters who never knew a life outside of a refugee camp.

This got me to thinking, where was I 23 years ago and what has happened in my life in the last 23 years that I might have missed if I had spent in a refugee camp?  Probably the biggest single event that happened that year was the birth of my two, my daughters.  What would have our lives been like instead of having our wonderful adventures, we had spent the last 23 sitting together in a refugee camp?

As a reminder, this is a list of somethings that happened 23 years ago.  What has happened in your life since these events?  How would you react/feel if you left the world described below and reentered the world as it is today?  Sobering!

  • Technology

    • Google was introduced

    • The movie Twister was the first feature film to be released on DVD

    • There were only 100,000 world wide websites

  • Politics

    • Whitewater investigation started heating up

    • Bill Clinton wins reelection

  • Culture

    • Michael Jordan is at the top of his basketball career

    • Tiger Woods makes his professional tour debut

    • Fox News Channel is launched

    • O.J. Simpson trial begins

    • Spice Girls First #1 “Wannabe