As many you know last fall Ellen and I downsized from our home of 22 years to a condo.  It was a significant change, and not one without a little bit of trepidation.  On many levels it was a long, bleak winter, but it is turning into a really fun spring.

Our condo overlooks a small pond that has had an amazing amount of water fowl and pond life.  We have the standard Mallards and Canada geese.  We have three Great Blue Herons and a pair Sandhill Cranes.  There are a pair of muskrats chasing each other around (haven’t been able to stop singing Captain and Tennille).

But what has been amazing is wide variety ducks that I never seen just outside of my window.  There are Common Mergansers, a beautiful white bird with a black head and red bill.  The Red Breasted Mergansers with their unique feather crest on the back of their head.  The cute little Buffleheads with their strange shaped heads.  The Canvasback which is the ginger of the pond crowd.  Then this past Sunday there was a Lesser Scaup.  This one was difficult to identify.  I use a 1977 Audubon field guide.  The field guide said this bird never calls Wisconsin it’s home.  I looked on the internet and it now considered a common duck in Wisconsin.  Not sure if this is a result of climate change, but it clearly time for a new field guide.

As I enjoy the changing view from my window, I think about some of the discussions we are having about the changes the church is experiencing.  A couple of weeks back we had Rev. Sari Rice talking with us about the changes in the broader church.  Pastor Mike has been blogging about changes discussed at the Next Church conference.  Last week Joel blogged about changes millennials are looking.

Some believe the church is stuck in the season of winter, things are dying and the world around us and seems bleak.  The church is experiencing significant change, and not one without a little bit trepidation. We are in the season of Lent.  A season that can feel bleak.  But we are an Easter people who know that after the bleak season of Lent there is the bright sunshine of the resurrection.

I’m a believer in the eternal church, which means the church will go through seasons of light and dark.  But in the end the light of the resurrection will always win.  There will always be winter, but we will always have spring when the ducks return.