A few weeks back I wrote a blog about my observations of what was happening around the pond outside of my back deck (if you missed the blog or would like to reread it here is the link).  This past Sunday afternoon, as a way to relax after the hectic events of Holy Week, I spent a lot of time on my deck reading and watching the activities of the pond.  (Ellen claims that if life allowed, I would spend all day watching the ducks on the pond and she’s right.)  There is less going on right now than a couple of weeks ago.  A number of the migratory birds have moved on.  Except there is one bachelor Bufflehead sticking and providing wonderful entertainment (a picture of one is with this blog) and yesterday we had our first pair of Great Egrets and this morning a double-crested cormorant. The frenetic energy of birds coupling has settled down and several of the remaining pairs are now sitting on nests.  We have two mallard and one Canada goose nests.

As I was watching the going-ons I realized that in a small way I was watching a real-life resurrection story.  A real-life Easter story.  My ducks are sitting on a nests of eggs. Eggs are a symbol of new life. Baby chicks, baby ducks, and other types of birds hatch out of eggs, bursting forth with new life.

Easter is all about new life, the renewal of life. Jesus died on the cross and two days later when three women went to his tomb he was not there. Two men in dazzling white clothes, told them that Jesus was no longer dead. He had burst out of the tomb and was alive. Ours is a living God! Out of seemingly lifeless tomb burst new life. I look forward to seeing new life on the pond as chicks and goslings burst out of their eggs into a new life.

Because Jesus died on the cross and then arose, we are not condemned to live a life of an empty tomb.  Each and every day we are given the opportunity to burst forth in a new life. Easter eggs remind us of the new life that is possible when we choose to accept God’s love.