I try to mix up the topics in my blog posts.  This one – not so serious, but made me smile.

On Facebook I get a number of Presbyterian news feeds.  An article about a church in White Plains, Kentucky recently caught my attention.  Presbyterians have often been called, by ourselves and others, as the “Frozen Chosen”.  We are not known as the most active or vocal of worshipers.  But the United Presbyterian Church in White Plains took this to a whole new level.

It seems recently the church installed, as a cost-saving measure, motion sensor lights that were set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.  But this backfired during a recent worship service.  It seems the pastor and the congregation remained so still during the opening hymns and the first part of the message that the lights turned off, leaving everyone in partial darkness.  “I checked my church bulletin, but having the lights go out wasn’t in the detailed program of planned events for the morning,” one church member told reporters.  “We weren’t sure what to do, so we just continued sitting in stony silence.”

“According to witnesses, the pastor simply continued preaching in the dark.  When his hour-long sermon was over (at this point I had to wonder if people were sleeping and that was why they weren’t moving), the church remained still for the closing hymns.  The lights finally coming back on when they were dismissed and began to stand up to walk out of the building.”

White Plains seems to be the definition of “frozen chosen”.  So, if that is at one end of the spectrum, where are we?  Slightly chilled, lukewarm, cool but temperature rising?  Where do you think we are?