As many of you know, last week, I was on a bike trip with my friend Tim and my son Alex across the state of Missouri.  During that time, while we were perfectly safe, the areas we pedaled through suffered from extreme weather; tornados and floods (about mid-week the Missouri river was at the 5th highest level ever recorded and rising.)

While traveling, I heard several fellow bikers make a comment similar to, “Since we are missing the worst of the weather, God must be with us.”  Every time I heard this I couldn’t help thinking, “Really, really God is with us?  Why?”  We were safe.  We were dry.  The worst thing that had happened to us was 5 minutes of rain and a morning of head winds.  Why would God need to be with us?

I don’t believe God needed to be with us but I do believe God was with the good people we met during our travels.

In Jefferson City we stayed in a wonderful B&B run by Victoria.  Huge rooms with a balcony view of the Missouri River. We left Jefferson City Tuesday morning.  Early Tuesday evening the city was hit by a tornado.  We checked with Victoria and she was fine, but 10 people were badly injured and 3 killed.  God wasn’t with us; God was with the people of Jefferson City.

Tuesday night we pedaled into the little river town on Herman.  The river had started to rise and lower streets were already under water.  By Wednesday morning the river was at the front door of the restaurant we had eaten at the night before.  Many of Herman’s small business were near the river because that is where the tourists want to be.  By Wednesday night most of those businesses were under water. God wasn’t with us; God was with the people of Herman.

From Herman we pushed our way to the town of Defiance.  Two days before we got there an EF-1 tornado had gone through.  It created a path of destruction 6 miles long and 250 feet wide, luckily no people were seriously injured, but there was a lot of property damage.  Our B&B host Kathy had just purchased the business and now large numbers of bike tours were cancelling because sections of the path were closed because of downed trees and high water.  God wasn’t with us; God was with the people of Defiance.

This week the news is the flooding of the Arkansas River.  God has already given me what I need, God needs to be with the people around the Arkansas River.