This Lenten Season we have been looking at the book Half Truths; God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say by Adam Hamilton.  One of the sessions I led looked at the half truth “God helps those who help themselves”

By the end of the session there was general agreement that there are times when we can help ourselves and we should.  But in many situations in our lives we need to reply on God’s grace “the undeserved work of God in our lives, the unmerited favor of God.  Grace is not something we earn, buy or work for.  We cannot help ourselves into grace.  We can only ask for it and accept it.  The essence of grace is that God helps those who cannot help themselves!”  Grace is a gift God gives us.

As we discussed God’s grace it struck me that there is another kind of grace, that is very important, that we often pass up.  That is, following God’s example, we need to grant ourselves grace.  We are imperfect creatures who too often are striving for perfection.  When we fail the last thing we often grant ourselves is grace.  There will be times when we are not the perfect child, sibling, parent or spouse.  There are simply times when we screw up, we’re human.  At these times when we fail to forgive ourselves, fail to grant ourselves grace, we can get stuck and dwell on our failures as a child, sibling, parent or spouse.  But when we grant ourselves grace (forgiveness), we give ourselves the opportunity to be a better child, sibling, parent or spouse. Grace is a gift we can give ourselves.

Do you need to grant yourself some grace (forgiveness)?