About two weeks ago a cute gift/food store, Sapphire Moon Chocolates, opened just north of Northland Mall.  It describes itself as “A 1920’s themed shop featuring a large array of artisan gourmet chocolates and confectionery products.  Moon Dust Café offers a beautiful selection of fine French delicacies.  Art Deco, Art Nouveau and French antiques and artifacts.”  The entrepreneurial women who opened this store is named Tarnia.  She is a U.S. Army veteran and a U.S. citizen.  She is also Muslim and wears a hijab.

To say that the store has been open two weeks is not totally correct.  Because of fear for her safety, generated by hate mail and threats, the store has had to close several times.  From a friend of Tarnia’s Facebook post, “Since the neighborhood has found out she is Muslim, she has been told to get out.”  The hate campaign has resulted in very few customers for this entrepreneur.  

I like to think of Appleton as being a friendly place.  I know we are not immune from the events of the world around us, but stories like these are still a gut punch.  The is so WRONG!  This should NEVER happen anywhere!

The good news is, after this was posted on Facebook this past Thursday, the store experienced a significant increase in traffic over the weekend.  I know I plan on doing some of my Christmas shopping there.  As a simple way to make a statement against hate, I would encourage you to stop in and see what Sapphire Moon has to offer this holiday season.  The address is 1742 N Casaloma Drive in Appleton.

Happy, love filled shopping!