Dr. Alastair McApline spends every day caring for children with life limiting illnesses.  Dr. McApline recently asked his terminally-ill patients what they enjoyed most in life and what gave it meaning.  All respondents were between the ages of 4 and 9.  Here are their top answers:

  1. Nobody wishes they’d spent more time watching TV and being on-line – NONE said they wished they had spent more time Facebook

  2. Animals make life better – “I love when Ginny snuggles up to me at night and purrs”

  3. They love their parents – “God will take care of my mum and dad when I’m gone”

  4. They love ice cream – All of them loved ice cream

  5. They love books and stories – “Harry Potter makes me feel brave”

  6. Worrying is a waste of time – wished they had spent less time worrying about how others thought they looked – “My friends didn’t care that my hair fell out”

  7. Everyone loves the beach – “I made a big sand-castle””

  8. Kindness matters – “I like it when the kind nurse is here. She’s gentle and it hurts less”

  9. Laughter is the best medicine – “My daddy pulls the funny faces which I just love”

  10. Kids love their toys – “I like cuddling my teddy”

  11. Family time is the best – “Nobody loves me like my mommy”

Dr. McApline’s summary, “Be kind. Read more books. Spend time with family. Crack jokes, Go to the beach. Hug you dog.  Tell that special person you love them.  These are the things these kids wished they could have done more.  The rest is unimportant details…. Oh…and eat more ice cream!”