In the past couple of weeks, a couple things happened that have caused to stop and consider this question.  The first was during a noon Bible Study I was leading.  We were considering Jesus’ parable of the widow and the judge. Luke 18:18  The standard view of a Biblical widow is a woman who is frail and vulnerable.  In my class a number of participant are widows. I asked them do you feel the labels “frail and vulnerable” describe you?  The answer was an emphatic “NO!”  When we adjusted our thoughts about the widow in the story, we gained new insights.  Who’s changing, us or the Bible?

The second incident was around talks with members of our Good News Women group.  This group has been meeting for 30 years; reading books, learning about current issues and generally enjoying each other’s company.  For their next book the group has decided to go back to the very first study they did.  The study looked at women in the Bible.  I’m looking forward to hearing from this group about how they look at the women in the Bible now as opposed to how they viewed those stories 30 years.  They have all gained a lot of life experiences in the last 30 years.  Will those experiences help them look at those same Bible stories in the same or different ways? Who’s changed, them or the Bible.

I marvel at the beauty of the words in the Bible and how what I find there continues to change depending on where I’m in life.  Who’s changed, me or the Bible?

Do you have any stories, Biblical or otherwise, that look different to you as you have gained life experiences?