A while back, I picked up a copy of Sam Halverson’s book One Body. It’s a nice little book that tackles the idea of integrating teenagers into the life of the church. While I appreciated his insights, there’s been one section of his book that I keep coming back to over and over again.

Towards the end, after he’s laid out all the reasons for why and how churches can integrate their students, he shifts his focus to the leaders of this change. He calls on them to embrace their role as a “chronicler of grace”. I love the way he phrases that. It’s a call for me to remember that part of my role here is not only to cultivate the faith of our children and youth, but to be the messenger of those stories to the church.

And if I’m being honest, sometimes I’m not the best at that part. We have kids that are doing amazing things in their schools and extracurriculars, going on mission trips, taking part in week-long summer camps, and growing in their faith week by week.

I want to hear from you- how can I best communicate these stories to you? Do they have a place in the worship service? In the Memo? Or is it more about connecting youth to adults who are willing to listen to how God is working in their lives?

Let me know what you think. Our kids are doing some great things, and we want their voice to be heard as best as we can.

“When we teach, guide, mentor, laugh, discuss, struggle, and cry with youth as they encounter and search for God in the world, a bit more light shines on the kingdom. Don’t limit that to the youth turf of the celebration. That kind of gospel belongs at the food table where everyone is in attendance, drinking in the kingdom through the diverse experiences of everyone there.”

-Sam Halverson, One Body