As Lent begins, maybe you are considering taking on a spiritual practice or perhaps giving up something for Lent. It’s easy to wonder, “is this thing working? Is the time, energy, effort all worth it?” The truth is spiritual disciplines do not automatically bring us closer to God. Going through the motions won’t bring peace or renewed faith, God knows the difference. However, spiritual practices put us in a place to encounter God in a new way. Taking on such disciplines opens us to experiencing God, our circumstances in life, and our neighbor’s need with fresh eyes and renewed connection.

If your Lent is lethargic, you are doing it wrong.

As a spiritual practice, Lent has been a time of spiritual growth since the beginning of the church. Historically new converts to Christianity would prepare during the forty days of Lent for baptism. In the Bible, we find the practices of prayer, fasting, and renewed worship connected not only with personal spiritual renewal but deeply connected to seeking justice in the world. Such intentional discipleship can not only change us but it can change history.

Lent begins Wednesday March 6. You could not only change your life, but maybe even the world. How will you spend these forty days?

Pastor Mike

“Hold fast to what is good. Have courage.”