Blessing in the Chaos 

To all that is chaotic 

in you, 

let there come silence. 

Let there be 

a calming 

of the clamoring, 

a stilling 

of the voices that 

have laid their claim 

on you, 

that have made their 

home in you, 

that go with you 

even to the 

holy places 

but will not 

let you rest, 

will not let you 

hear your life 

with wholeness 

or feel the grace 

that fashioned you. 

Let what distracts you 


Let what divides you 


Let there come an end 

to what diminishes 

and demeans, 

and let depart 

all that keeps you 

in its cage.  

Let there be 

an opening 

into the quiet 

that lies beneath 

the chaos, 

where you find 

the peace 

you did not think 


and see what shimmers 

within the storm. 


– Jan Richardson 

from The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief