I enjoy listening to Podcasts throughout the day. They are a great way to learn about current events and other special topics. Here are three podcasts that I particularly enjoy right now. 

  1. Small Things Often from the Gottman Institute https://www.gottman.com/podcast/. The Gottman Institute focuses on relationships and marriage. Each day they have a 2-3 minute episode that gives you one idea for healthier and happier relationships.  

  2. Meditative Story http://podcast.meditativestory.com/p/2. These first person narratives focus on personal growth, resiliency, and mindfulness. You get to meet people whose names you may have heard as they tell their stories or learn more about people you thought you knew. Usually in 20-30 minutes blocks, each one ends with a brief mindfulness practice.

  3. Unlocking Us from Brené Brown https://brenebrown.com/podcast/introducing-unlocking-us/. I love all things Brené Brown and I’m excited that she’s started a podcast. The first few episodes are out now. Just remember if you are listening with other present, Brené loves Jesus and she cusses a little 🙂 


What podcasts, books, or TV shows are giving you life right now? 


Pastor Mike