It’s a familiar refrain at my house.

“Is it on the calendar?”

We say it when the kids tell us about a last minute school project or event. We say it when my wife and I ask each other to change up our daily routine to accommodate an last minute meeting or appointment.

We say it because we know that when something is on the calendar there are no surprises. When it’s on the calendar it gets done. When it’s on the calendar we say no to other things because the calendar reminds us what’s most important.

Over the summer month, writing for this blog wasn’t on my calendar and it didn’t get done. The thought was I’d write when inspiration struck or when something came up to reflect on, but a half dozen started and unfinished posts later—it’s time to put it back on the calendar so it actually happens.

How about you? What’s on your calendar?

My suspicion is the same thing happens when it comes to attending worship, getting the kids to Sunday School, or attending that Adult Ed class that sounds interesting, but comes and goes because it doesn’t make your calendar.

As the school year begins I know it will only get harder for my family and me. I know well enough that if I’m not in control of my calendar someone else will be and what I want to happen will have to wait until tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or maybe retirement.

Today, I can say I have put it on my calendar. How about you?

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