In Genesis, after God has created for six days God rests on the seventh. But God doesn’t collapse in exhaustion. God doesn’t say, “Thank God it’s the weekend!” On the seventh day God stops creating and begins re-creating. The seventh day is a day of recreation. The sabbath is for play.

Just like in Luke 15 when the father invites the older son to come for the party being thrown for the younger son. That is to stop his work and re-create the relationship he once had with his brother.

I don’t know about you, but when I am stressed and working on something to the point of spinning my wheels in frustration; the last thing I want to do is play. Stopping what I am doing seems like the last thing I should do if I ever want to finish. However, the instruction given in Leviticus 20 is just that: God stops, so can you.

This is one of those moments when reading the Bible that you find a psychological and spiritual insight confirmed both in experience and in science. You know like how you have that break through idea while you are washing dishes or taking a shower, i.e. you take a break, you recreate.

Scientists continually affirm the value of play for children and adults ( The consequences of a childhood without play can be devastating.

I know I need to be reminded to play, to step a way, have fun and be silly. Thankfully, I have four office-mates at my home office who are good reminders of what God has been telling us from the very beginning.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Mike

P.S. With perfect timing as I finished writing, I hear from the other room, “The floor is lava in 3….2….” I guess I better get moving 🙂