June 6, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Memorial Presbyterian Church
803 E College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911
Greg Braatz

Rules of Engagement

  1. Don’t be overly focused on ending up with the right or wrong answer. In the end, you might not agree with everything (nor anything) the book and Nadia say, but we want to make sure people truly hear the questions and ideas just in case God has something new to say to you.

  2. Recognize that we all come to faith through different lens and not in a vacuum. The church has been wrestling with these type of questions for 2000 years and many traditions discuss faith in their own unique way. So take time to think about your background and how it might be shaping the filter you use to discuss faith.

  3. Make peace with the reality that good Christians can disagree on important matters. Very bright and very devout people have a vast range of orthodox opinions that don’t always align.


  • We will start each session with the question, “Share what parts of these chapters resonated for you and why.”

  • After that we may or may not discuss the listed questions. We may talk about all of them or we may talk about none of them.

June 6 – Chapters 1-4

  • Can you think of times where you said, “No, I am not the one.” but still found that your gifts were used by God?

  • “What makes us saints of God is not our ability to be saintly but rather God’s ability to work through sinners.” (page 7) How have the saints you’ve known been accidental?

  • How do you feel when you read Caitlan’s response to Nadia’s confession? Was that the absolution Nadia needed and wanted?

  • “Never once did Jesus scan the room for the best example of holy living and send that person out to tell others about him.” (page 30) Do you, like Nadia, find this confusing?

  • In chapter 4, Nadia writes that if she were Jonah, speaking at youth events would be her Nineveh. But, “sometimes the fact that there is nothing about you that makes you the right person to do something is exactly what God is looking for.” What is your “Nineveh”?  Has God ever moved you to confront that thing, person, or event that you would rather avoid?  What happened, how did it feel? (Read Jonah 2:1-9 to get a sense of how the prophet felt.)