Slide What to Expect When Worshiping at MPC No matter which door you come in, you'll find worship at the center of the building because worship is the center of all we do. An encounter with Christ, an experience of God's grace.

When you worship at MPC you can expect:

  • To see children zipping through the halls as well as people using walkers. Some will be wearing coats and ties, others like they have tickets to an afternoon Packer game.

  • You'll find welcoming faces, some of whom will greet you with a warm smile and others will acknowledge you are new here.

  • You'll hear the Bible read and taken seriously, but not literally. You'll hear sermons that explore the intersection of faith and life.

  • We'll talk about our passion for serving in the community

  • We'll share our prayer requests

  • You'll hear the adult or children's choirs most Sundays

  • Above all you'll hear, maybe for the thousandth time or the first time, that you too are a child of God and you will be sent back into the world renewed, refreshed, and ready to try to serve God faithfully.

    Hope to see you soon, Pastor Mike Goodwin